Norma Dison

Phone: (309) 699-6714 x727


Chairman: Water & Sewer Committee

Co-Chairman: Streets Committee

Member: Health & Safety Committee and Finance Committee

The Village Trustees of the Village of Creve Coeur Illinois

Terry Keogel

Phone: (309) 699-6714 x730


Chairman: Streets Committee

Co-Chairman: Water & Sewer Committee

Member: Police & Fire Committee and Building & Grounds Committee

Ron Talbot

Phone: (309) 699-6714 x726


Chairman: Buildings & Grounds Committee

Co-Chairman: Police & Fire Committee

Member: Finance Committee and Streets Committee

Crystal Talbot

Phone: (309) 699-6714 x732


Chairman: Finance Committee

Co-Chairman: Health & Safety Committee

Member: Building & Grounds Committee and Water & Sewer Committee